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I am slowly, but surely, creating an archive of my fics at AO3. I am girlfromcarolina over there.

[ Supernatural and J2 Big Bang Stories ]

Anagram | AO3
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Tahmoh Penikett. Jensen Ackles/Tahmoh Penikett.
[NC17 / AU / Romance, Polyamory / 42,200 words]
Written for the 2015 [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang challenge.
Art by [livejournal.com profile] yanyann.
Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles met in college, two English majors who eventually became inseparable. Their friendship led them to accept teaching positions at the same private high school. Nothing could come between them until Jared—unable to come to terms with his own bisexuality—decided to set Jensen up on a blind date with his handsome gym-buddy Tahmoh Penikett, a former Olympic swimmer turned coach. Through falling in love, pulling away, and more than their fair share of sexual tension, the three men need to figure out a way to coexist together before their individual relationships crumble for good. Like an anagram puzzle, there might just be more than one way to fix this unexpected love triangle.
warnings. Explicit Sex. Threesome Sex. Voyeurism. UST. Eventual three-way relationship. Bisexual character [Jared]. Other pairings include Jensen/Other [past] and Jared/Jensen [imagined].

Fancy That | AO3
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
[NC17 / AU, Old West / Romance, Harlequin / 29,500 words]
Written for the 2014 [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang challenge.
Art by [livejournal.com profile] littlepistols.
The Morgan Traveling Exhibition & Gun Competition is recognized throughout the West as the finest showcase of shooters, ropers, and riders this side of the Mississippi River. Jensen, known better as The Texas Rose, joined J.D. Morgan’s troupe after the promoter rescued him from a prostitution camp when he was barely a teenager. Life on the road gives Jensen the family he’s always wanted, freedom to express his desires, and plenty of lovers, but Jensen longs for a partner who sees him as more than just a pretty face in a fancy costume. When he walks into a saloon the night before a competition and finds a tall, slim gunslinger standing alone at the bar, Jensen senses that passion could burn bright between them. However, Jensen knows that the only thing more dangerous than a gunslinger's aim would be falling in love with one. Though they both make their home on the road, Jensen's job is to celebrate life. Jared's job is to end it.
warnings. crossdressing character, mentions of prostitution and abuse of a minor (past).

Our Parts are Slightly Used | AO3
Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
[NC17 / AU / Romance, Angst / 50,400 words]
Written for the 2013 [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang challenge.
Art by [livejournal.com profile] lylithj2.
After three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, Jared has come home to Texas, working a steady job as a security guard and trying to patch himself back together. His dreams are less than kind, but he copes for the sake of those who never made it back. Jared's not expecting to meet someone like Jensen Ackles - a Dallas businessman with confidence and charisma in spades. They connect over coffee breaks and high-spirited basketball games with Jared's vet buddies, and what begins as friendship quickly deepens into a defining romance. Although Jared's willing to share his physical scars with Jensen, the burden of hiding his emotional wounds weighs heavily on both of them. As Jensen scrambles to put a name to his boyfriend's symptoms, Jared struggles each and every day, and neither of them sees the storm on the horizon until it's too late.
warnings. PTSD, scarred/disabled character, memories of combat violence.

Instinct & Taste | AO3
Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
[NC17 / AU / Romance / 45,400 words]
Written for the 2012 [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang challenge.
Art by [livejournal.com profile] secretlytodream/[livejournal.com profile] graphicinmotion.
As a young chef trying to break into the sizzling hot world of Charleston cuisine, Jensen Ackles spent more time in the kitchen than he did sleeping, eating, or socializing; he was absolutely dedicated to his craft and to the mentor who’d given him a chance. When all of that work paid off in a big way, Jensen was thrilled, but from the moment he accepted his dream job, other aspects of his life began to sour, quickly. Now, shouldered with the extra burdens of caring for his brother’s house and keeping his job safe from a brown-nosing new sous chef, Jensen tries everything, up to and including therapy, to keep his life from boiling over. It’s not until he hires college senior Jared Padalecki that things start to turn around, and Jensen learns that if he can stand the heat, fate might cook up something even better.

The Idle Job | AO3
Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
[NC17 / Alternate History AU / 50,300 words]
Written for the 2011 [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang challenge.
Art by [livejournal.com profile] amindaya.
Texas Ranger Jensen Ackles always walks into a new town the same way – with two eyes open and one hand on his gun. He’s worked dozens of these jobs across the Union of Seceded States, in small towns and big cities, scrubbing the streets clean of the bad elements before moving on to the next job with his ornery pup, Mo, riding shotgun. Jensen’s personally assigned to Idle, Colorado by his captain to protect the interests of a rising star in the world of Union politics, and he quickly finds that Idle’s not as quaint as it seems on paper. Idle is rotting from the inside-out and Jensen’s got to make sense of the situation before the bodies start turning up. Throw in a missing Sheriff, two deputies Jensen isn’t sure he can trust, and Jared, the local doctor who keeps getting involved in Jensen’s business, and this job’s bound to be a wild ride.

Bells Pond | AO3
Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
[NC17 / Season 5 Alternate Storyline / 53,000 words]
Written for the 2010 [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang challenge.
Art by [livejournal.com profile] alteredloc.
Not long after his run-in with Famine, Dean breaks down and prays for help. It's not God who answers. Michael appears before him and instantly changes everything Dean thought he knew about the Apocalypse. A few days later, Sam wakes up alone in Bells Pond, Nebraska -- a far cry from the drab motel room in Tennessee where he fell asleep. Without Dean, Sam explores his desolate surroundings and discovers that the town lies in ruins thanks to a demonic event. It becomes clear that Sam's not as alone as he thought, nor can he escape from his strange prison. He fights against the power holding him there, afraid every day that Lucifer will hunt him down and force him to say yes. The Apocalypse continues to rage outside of his isolated world and Sam fears for his brother's life. As time drags on, and as Lucifer takes Sam to ever more seductive places in his dreams, Sam realizes that the people of Bells Pond may provide the key to everything he's been searching for but never thought he'd find. And waiting in the future is an unforeseen miracle, if Sam can last that long.

Golden Filaments in Fair Design
Dean/Sam Montgomery
[Adult / Alternate Universe / Warnings / 38,500 words]
Written for the 2009 [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang challenge.
Art by [livejournal.com profile] vorpal_pen.
Samuel, an orphaned boy, lucks into a life he could never have imagined, one full of wonder, magic, and love. Fate sends him to a couple with a traveling show, and growing up amid the strange and beautiful performers is everything he’d dreamed. His childhood is happy, but as an adult, Sam becomes ever lonelier and develops two distinct personalities. There is the shy, helpful young man who avoids social company, but there is also the charismatic and seductive artiste, first inspired to perform by a green eyed stranger he meets one night by chance. When the stranger - a man named Dean who seems oddly familiar to Sam - becomes a very real force in his life, Sam learns the other man's deep secret. Dean too is living a double life - one Sam would have never expected and that leads him down a road of magic and discovery.

[ Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester ]

Good Mileage | AO3
[PG / Established Wincest / 700 words]
With Chevrolet Motors turning one hundred, Dean and Sam quietly celebrate the only real home they have.

Impersonal | AO3
[NC-17 / Rough, Dubious consent, first time Wincest / 4,300 words]
Written for the prompt I wanna hurry home to you, put on a slow dumb show for you & crack you up in the [livejournal.com profile] salt_burn_porn challenge.
Before Dean commences his 24 hours as Death, he needs to make sure Sam wants his soul back. Yeah, that goes well.

Come Stay | AO3
[R / Future!fic / 2,600 words]
Dean always thought they had to settle in order to settle down.

I do believe that we are practicing the same religion | AO3
[NC-17 / Rough Sex, First Time / 2,100 words]
Written for the prompt popcorn and beer in the [livejournal.com profile] salt_burn_porn challenge.
With Dean, the only way is the hard way.

What is it with these hospital dramas?
[NC-17 / PWP / Episode Related / 2,400 words]
Dean has a different idea of how to get out of the Trickster's hospital set up.

As You Are, As A Known Enemy | AO3
[NC-17 / Dub!con, Compulsion / also Dean/Lucifer!Sam and Michael/Lucifer, 3,500 words]
Written for the prompt you say, yes, I will love you, I will take you again in the [livejournal.com profile] salt_burn_porn challenge.
It's beautiful. Too beautiful so Dean knows it can't be real. Something created by the one he knows better than himself and not at all, just for Dean. That makes him feel worse. Spoilers for 5.04 'The End', but set after 5.10 'Abandon All Hope'.

Cause of Depth | AO3
[NC-17 / AU - Alternate Careers / First Time / 13,000 words]
Inspired by Sam wearing scrubs in 5.05 and 5.08.
Kansas City M.E. Sam Wesson lives a lonely life by choice—it's easier to keep his head down and play by the rules than it is to take a chance. The sudden interest of one of the city's detectives forces him to reconsider, after a string of cases bring Sam and Detective Dean Winchester together more and more frequently.

Don't Let It Ride You | AO3
[NC-17 / Underage (Sam is 15) / Established Wincest / 11,000 words]
Dean and Sam hole up in a South Carolina motel while their Dad lays countless spirits to rest in the haunted grounds of Charleston. It's as close to an ideal summer as they'll get. Dad has plenty of work, and Dean has Sam. That is, until locals start dying and the Winchester brothers realize that something other than a spirit, possibly more sinister, is at work in the Lowcountry.

Doesn't Miss A Lick
[PG-13 / girl!Sam / Magnificent Seven Crossover / Outside P.O.V. / 1,000 words]
Sam. And Dean. The pair of 'em's been running through Vin's head since they walked into the sheriff's office that afternoon, lookin' to question a fellow they'd arrested for murder.

For Me You Can; For Me You Will
[NC-17 / D/s, Fisting, Reluctance, Kink / Short]
He can't believe it still feels good. Written for a comment prompt at [livejournal.com profile] spn_hardcore.

[ Dean Smith/Sam Wesson (SPN Alternate Universe) ]

On Your Dime | AO3
[NC-17 / Phone Sex / 2,200 words]
AU of SPN Episode 4x17 - 'It's A Terrible Life'. Sam Wesson gets a new job, one that lets him pursue his "hobbies". Dean Smith just has to interfere.

Analogies | AO3
[NC-17 / Dirty talk / 5,350 words]
Sequel to On Your Dime. They're not hunters, but they're not normal, either. Normal people don't impersonate teachers to catch a ghost, and they definitely don't get turned on because of it.

Start me off and watch me go | AO3
[NC-17 / PWP / 1,400 words]
The thought/potential of Dean Smith having a home gym has been TAUNTING ME since 'It's a Terrible Life.' Gym porn, basically.

[ Other SPN Pairings ]

Winter's Day | AO3
Written for [livejournal.com profile] salt_burn_porn.
[NC-17 / Sam Winchester/young!John Winchester / 2,500 words]
What a strange, strange winter's day...
notes. pseudo-incest, reincarnation, age difference, vaguely future!fic (Sam is 35, John is 21).

[ Supernatural Gen Stories ]

Weightless | AO3
[PG / Pre-series / Sam, Dean / 1,300 words]
With the pool and the night to themselves, Dean relaxes even more. A light breeze kicks up across the parking lot and over the water. It doesn't chill his skin, merely creates the sensation of motion and Dean falls backward into the water again, floating until Sam swims up next to him.

[ Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles RPS Fics (Non AU) ]

Full Cosmic Shift | AO3
Written for [livejournal.com profile] spn_masquerade.
[NC-17 / Getting together / Kinks: Dirty Talk, Massage, Come-eating, Hands / 3,330 words]
After ten seasons, Jared's ready to act on his attraction to Jensen. He spends four weeks taking a massage therapy class before putting his plan into action, but when he sees Jensen in real pain after a strenuous scene, Jared is forced to make a few adjustments.

Beggar | AO3
Written for the prompt beggars can't be choosers in the [livejournal.com profile] salt_burn_porn challenge.
[NC-17 / Established Relationship / One-time threesome [Jensen/Jared/Misha] / 2,800 words]
You should try to lose a different type of virginity every day. Tonight, it's Jared's turn.

Don't You Dare | AO3
[NC-17 / Dom!Bottom!Jensen, orgasm denial, dirty talk / 1,000 words]
Written for [livejournal.com profile] blindfold_spn.
Jensen's a really bossy bottom, but Jared gets off on it just as much as Jensen does. Well, sometimes he doesn't get off per se, because Jensen won't let him.

Blanket Coverage
[PG / Cuddling / 800 words]
Part of [livejournal.com profile] matalinolukaret's series where Jared and Tom Brady are cousins.
If Jensen wants to cuddle so badly, he’s in for a treat when he wakes up.

I Just Twittered To Say 'I'm Obsessed'
[NC-17 / Foot Fetish / 1,500 words]
Jensen loves every part of Jared.

Hot, Sticky Sweet
[R / Fluff / Under 1,000 words]
Crack & Candy, people. And a little sexin'.

Ticking Down
[NC-17 / 1,700 words]
More appealing is the warm, heavy body on Jared's lap, arms and legs braided together while the volume of the football game on television is turned low. He's free to touch Jensen without care of the hours ticking away. A day only wasted by the standards of inanimate task masters. Jared's too busy thinking in terms of skin and marks left on it. Impressions his fingers revisit with careful possession.

Too Late
[PG-13 / Fluff, Romance / 1,600 words]
"I fantasized about him showing up to my wedding...just so I could tell him, "You're too late."

I Just Twittered To Say 'I Love You'
[NC-17 / Very slight kink / Humor / 900 words]
Fun and games in the Padalecki-Ackles household, with a light helping of orgasm denial. PWP.

Black On Bronze
[NC-17 / KINK: D/s, Bondage / 2,700 words]
The fluffiest piece of kink, ever...There's more rope than there needs to be, Jared's well aware, but the black silk criss-crosses his skin in the designs Jensen chooses. The visual contrast of ebony ties against bronzed flesh is arousing to his lover, appealing in ways he's just beginning to understand.

How To Tell If Your Boyfriend is the Anti-Christ
[PG-13 / No Warnings / 1,500 words]
Jensen moves in, and then gets paranoid. Much credit to Patricia Carlin for writing the very silly, and very awesome little book this is based on.

Jared/Jensen Alternate Universe Fics

[ AU Standalones ]

Got Him on His Knees Like Religion | AO3
[NC-17 / Driver!Jensen, Fixer!Jared / First time / PWP / 5,900 words]
Jared's job requires him to retain the services of a round-the-clock driver. Someone who can pick him up, day and night, and help him out of rough situations without asking any questions. Jensen Ackles can do all of that, but when it comes to handling Jared's moods, he's the one in charge.

He Gives Me Fever (Pitch) | AO3
[PG-13 / Football (Soccer)!AU /Getting Together / 6,900 words]
Written for the 2015 round of [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_xmas exchange!
Jensen Ackles’ dream of playing for one of the top football clubs in England is nearly within reach. Until another American player, the new cocky striker at Manchester United, bursts onto the scene.

He Who Writes My Story | AO3
Written for [livejournal.com profile] spn_meanttobe.
[R / AU / Writer!Jensen, Deputy!Jared / Getting Together / 13,700 words]
After his last book flops and he breaks up with his boyfriend, Jensen moves back to his hometown of Brookgreen, California, to start over. His plans to take a break from writing (and dating!) veer off-course, however, when Jensen’s best friend introduces him to Jared, the new deputy sheriff in town, who immediately reignites Jensen's creativity along with his desire. Now it's up to Jensen to decide which he wants more: a successful book or a relationship with the man of his dreams.

Better Than Champagne | AO3
Jared/Danneel/Jensen. Jared/Jensen. Jared/Danneel. Jensen/Danneel.
[NC-17 / AU / Threesome / 3,500 words]
When the movers Danneel hired bail on her, she calls Jared, a guy from the firm she hooked up with last year. Jared agrees to help her out, but he doesn’t show up alone.

What You've Got is Gold | AO3
[NC-17 / Olympics!AU / Romance / 13,500 words]
Working as a lifeguard at the Dallas Aquatic Center, Jared deals with obnoxious kids, tends to scrapes and bruises, gets plenty of exercise hauling equipment in and out every day, and rescues world champion swimmers from drowning. Yeah, not even Jared saw that last one coming.

Raise up your mind; It's time to shine | AO3
[PG13 / Actor!AU / Fairytale / Fluff, Romance / 11,000 words]
Written for [livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang.
Art by [livejournal.com profile] angelicfoodcake.
Jared acknowledges that the decision to keep his relationship with Jensen from straying into anything more than friendship was a bad one. So terrible, he refers to it in his head as the Worst Decision Ever. Supernatural is more important than their feelings for one another, at least that’s what Jared keeps telling himself whenever he and Jensen come to close to crossing the line. But circumstances begin to change on an otherwise ordinary day of filming. It begins with a game of hide-and-seek through an unusual maze and ends with Jared making an unexpected offer that leads him into a whole new world—literally—and shows him exactly what he’s been missing.

Taking a Mental Picture of You Now | AO3
Written for the prompt campfire stories in the [livejournal.com profile] salt_burn_porn challenge.
[NC-17 / High School AU / Dirty talk / 3,400 words]
In a week, Jared and Jensen will be forced to survive a short-to-middle distance relationship. Jared keeps getting lost in nostalgia, but Jensen's pretty sure he can think of better ways to spend their last nights together.

After Hours | AO3
[PG-13 / First time / 4,000 words]
We danced out there on that empty hardwood floor. The chairs were up and the lights turned way down low. The music played, we held each other close, and we danced.

Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, and Vanilla | AO3
[NC-17 / Royalty!AU / 3,200 words]
Few things in the Midlands will entice Jensen out of his warm bed in the morning, but an ingenious and devious servant may have just uncovered a fool-proof plan to rouse his King.

One Feeling at a Time
[PG / Fairy Tale / 7,000 words]
Written for [livejournal.com profile] j2_everafter and based on Peter Pan.
Jared was never supposed to grow up. He was also never supposed to come back. A story about a love that endures across time and distance.

Dial It In | AO3
[NC-17 / Romance, UST / 10,500 words]
Dial it in: to make small adjustments until you have the perfect shot. Tonight, on TOP SHOT, revenge is the name of the game. Old challenges come back to haunt our final five marksmen as they compete in a new kind of obstacle course. With everyone's sights set on the 100,000 dollar prize, friendships and alliances in the house will be tested, and a pair of rivals will meet in our elimination challenge to see which one will continue on their quest to be our TOP SHOT.

Get No Harder | AO3
[NC-17 / First time, Romance / 30,000 words]
Implied/described drug use, violence, and childhood trauma [with memories relating to all three].
It was the summer that made coming back to life worthwhile.

The Other Side of the Story
[PG-13 / High School AU / 2,400 words]
For the prompt: I fell in love with a boy in my Chemistry Class. I wrote a love story about he and I, and one day he asked to borrow my notes. I accidentally gave him the love story. The next day he gave me the notebook back, with a sticky note on it that said, "I'm in love with you too."

It's not a lack of personality | AO3
[R / 2,100 words]
Written for a [livejournal.com profile] spnkink_meme prompt that boiled down to: Shy!Jensen, New Neighbor!Jared. Jensen wishes that he could could talk to Jared, but all Jensen can do when he bumps into Jared is stammer and blush.

Measurable Means
[NC-17 / Romance, Relationship / 8,100 words]
Written for [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti.
It was one night, one drunken hook up, and now Jared can't get this guy out of his head. But he never expected the guy, Jensen, to show up at his construction site and want more, or for him to be a doctor.

Upon and By the Grace of God | AO3
[R / Alternate Universe / Crossover with Kings / 8,100 words]
Written for the [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_xmas exchange.
Jensen is everything a Prince should be. Jared is everything he's not supposed to love.

Eighty-Six the Others and Come Home With Me
[R / First-time, Flirting / 2,000 words]
Written for the prompt "Dating!Jensen, Waiter!Jared" at the Crack Open The AU Cans! Comment Meme.
Jared works as a waiter in a swanky restaurant - the same restaurant where Jensen Ackles likes to bring his dates.

Never Will Run Smooth | AO3
[PG-13 / Romance / 12,000 words]
Written for [livejournal.com profile] spn_meanttobe.
When he was six, JR Ackles met Jared Anderson—his best friend and future husband. Twenty years later, Jensen meets Jay Padalecki.

Is That A Sword In Your Pocket [And Other Lame Jokes]
[Hard R / AU / Action & Fluff / 14,500 words]
Based on Disney's The Three Musketeers and written for the challenge at [livejournal.com profile] j2_everafter. Featuring Alec and Eliot from Leverage.
Jensen wants justice. Eliot wants a beer and a stripper, in that order. Alec wants people to stop breaking his shit. Jared...well, Jared just wants a job.

I'll Keep Tossing Rocks At Your Window
[NC-17 / Alternate Universe / Fluff & Romance / 17,000+ words]
Based loosely on Laws Of Attraction; written for [livejournal.com profile] whenboymeetsboy. I kept the basic premise, not much else.
Jared Padalecki ruined Jensen's life. The life he counted on having, anyway. Ever since he finished law school, Jensen had a plan. Pass the Bar, start a practice with Jeff, and never, ever get married.

It's Gonna Take A Lot [To Drag Me Away From You]
[R / First-time, International, College-fic / 20,000 words]
Africa had only existed in Jared Padalecki's dreams. A simple story of love in a complicated time. Jared is a college student traveling to Zimbabwe with his professor. There he meets Jensen, a member of his host-family. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] j2au Summer Fiction Challenge. My song was very obviously Africa by Toto.

[ The Richardson Vampires ]
Based loosely on The Morganville Vampires series of books. Very loosely, I'd say.

It Begins in the Blood | AO3
[NC17 / Light blood!play / Vampires / 6,200 words]
To protect his parents, Jared makes a deal that goes against everything he believes in. Despite his fear, Jared intends to keep his end of the bargain, no matter what gets in his way. But when a man Jared hasn’t seen in three years shows up just in time to prevent Jared from losing everything he is, Jared begins to wonder what kind of deal is worse –one with a known enemy, or one with Jensen Ackles.

Paint Over Everything Mundane | AO3
[NC17 / Blood!play / Vampires / 11,000 words]
Secretive phone calls, corrupt cops, and vampires coming out of the woodwork to make threats sound more like the plot to a thriller movie than the story of a relationship, but Jared’s been dealing with all of that, and more, since he and Jensen got together. He should have known that normal was too much to ask for.

Engage the Night | AO3
[PG-13 / Prequel, Pre-slash / 20,000 words]
The Ackles and the Padaleckis: two families living in the same town, existing in two completely different worlds. Jared Padalecki—young, intelligent, and angry—belongs in the Texas sunlight, while Jensen Ackles—cold, distant, and calculating—courts favor as the prince of the night. Their paths never cross until one unremarkable evening when Jared’s outspoken stubbornness lights a fire in Jensen’s heart. Lust, misunderstanding, and frustration layer each meeting the two have as the young man and the vampire try their best to balance an uncertain friendship with the traditions holding them back.

This story takes place four years before 'It Begins in the Blood.'

[ Stripper Fics \o/ ]
Stories are unrelated, but all feature Jensen and/or Jared as strippers!

Cash or Check? | AO3
[R / First time & Innuendo / 3,400 words]
Written for the SPN/J2 Sex Industry Meme, for the prompt: Jared has never thought about renting an escort, but when his new boss shows a bit too much interest, he decides he'll need a "boyfriend" for the company Halloween party.
Jared and Jensen are selling an act, but Jared's not supposed to be the one buying into it.

Part of the Show | AO3
[NC-17 / Exhibitionism, size!kink, dirty talk / 2,200 words]
Written for [livejournal.com profile] blindfold_spn.
Jensen is seduced by a male stripper at his buddy's bachelor party. Trouble is, Jensen's been trying to hide the fact that he's gay from his friends, but there's no holding back now. So much for secrets.

Work Yourself All Over Me | AO3
[NC17 / exhibitionism!kink / 3,100 words]
Fills a prompt from the [livejournal.com profile] spnkink_meme: Jared has an exhibitionism streak a mile wide. Jensen gets off on watching other men drool over his gorgeously naked boyfriend. Stripper!Jared and Club Owner!Jensen.

[ The Adventures of Jenny Boy and Jay Ryder ]

The Way You Move Ain't Fair, You Know | AO3
[R / Pre-slash / 5,600 words]
The incredibly gay and erotic adventures of Jenny Boy and Jay Ryder. Also known as the Stripper!AU that wouldn't leave me alone.

I Want the World to See You Be With Me | AO3
[R / Romance, First time / 7,500 words]
How do you seduce a man who seduces others for a living? Jared's been asking himself that question for months ever since he and Jensen became roommates. Jared knows he's got moves—being a former stripper has its benefits—but getting Jensen to see that they're perfect together is harder than Jared ever thought it would be.

[ Two Become One (Goth!Jensen/Pop!Jared) ]

Two Become One That's Not Our Song
[R / First time / High School AU / 2,900 words]
In which Jensen wears eyeliner, and Jared may be the Spice Girls' #1 Fan.

What You Really, Really Want
[NC-17 / Established Relationship / College!AU / 15,000 words]
College doesn't change Jensen and Jared. It only changes what they are to each other. A continuation of That's Not Our Song and reading that first is suggested.
With amazing companion art by [livejournal.com profile] dauntdraws!

[ Sugar Daddies (Jared/Jensen/Sam Winchester) ]

Finding some soul in this town. | AO3
[NC-17 / Jared/Jensen/Sam Winchester / AU / Threesome, Hooker!Fic / 5,200 words]
A 16 year old Sam Winchester meets Jared and Jensen, circumstances forcing him to the streets to earn money. Prequel to I live on the right side; I sleep on the left.

I live on the right side; I sleep on the left. | AO3
[NC-17 / Jared/Jensen/Sam Winchester / AU / Threesome, Toy Use / 3,800 words]
[Or, in which Sam Winchester has sugar daddies.] When Sam sees him leaning back, arms draped patiently over the chair, he drops his small, worn duffel bag and rushes to Jensen's lap. Sam's all sharp angles and long limbs attempting to fold around him and Sam allows Jensen to indulge in what Jared's already taken.

Both Seen and Unseen | AO3
[NC-17 / Jared/Jensen/Sam Winchester / AU / 1,700 words]
They have their boy back in their arms, but Jensen's starting to wonder if these sporadic visits are enough for any of them.

Deresolution | AO3
Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
[NC17 / AU / Shoulder holster!kink / 3,200 words]
Jensen's relationship with Jared is suffering, but he finds that words aren't the best way to apologize. Takes place a month after Both Seen and Unseen.

[ Fairy Tale Plot ]

Look What We've Got! [A Fairy Tale Plot] | AO3
[PG-13 / First Time / Fluff / 5,800 words]
As far as fairies go, Jensen's pretty elitist and a bit of a show-off. Where mortals are concerned, Jared's got a big heart and the best sense of humor. He'll need them both to deal with everything Jensen throws his way.

In Those Freckles Live Their Savours | AO3
[R / Established Relationship / Fluff & Humor / 2,800 words]
Or, in which Jared ponders being pampered and the only real drama is on TNT...most of the time.

[ Finance!Verse ]

My Favorite Holding Period is Forever | AO3
[NC-17 / 4,200 words]
Jared is the hassled, yet eerily efficient assistant to Jensen Ackles who, let's face it, is ALL THAT (and a bag of chips). Second fic written to appease my Sharp Dressed Men kink. Not quite a PWP, but fairly close. More of a Porn-With-a-Point or a Relationship Fic.

Diversify Your Interests | AO3
[NC-17 / Mild Bondage / Suit!kink / 3,000 words]
Sequel to My Favorite Holding Period Is Forever but that's not required reading. All you need to know is that Jensen used to be Jared’s boss, and Jared’s kind of a toppy bastard. Until tonight, that is. Featuring frazzled nerves, Indian food, and inappropriate use of designer neck ties.

[ Voir Dire Series ]

[Voir Dire] And Nothing But The Truth | AO3
[NC-17 / First-time / 2,100 words]
Written as one of two fics dealing with Sharp Dressed Men. Apparently I have a suit-kink. Simpler and shorter of the two, and I'm fairly sure there's plenty of actual porn with this same plot. In fact this is pretty much boy-meet-boy porn, and hey, what's better? Also, jury duty was nothing like this.

[Voir Dire] So Sue Me | AO3
[NC-17 / Established Relationship / 1,900 words]
A sequel to And Nothing But The Truth. The boys' relationship - three weeks later. Jared's never been a fan of relationships and commitment. Fortunately Jensen's flexible.

[Voir Dire] Fighting Words Doctrine | AO3
[NC-17 / Established Relationship / 2,000 words]
Sequel to [Voir Dire] So Sue Me. ‘Fighting words’: something said purposefully to incite a reaction, or to cause an immediate breach of the peace. Jensen’s never been good with legalese.

[ Mr. & Mr. Smith Assassin AU ]

Happy Endings [Are Just Stories That Haven't Finished Yet]
[R / Established Relationship / 1,500 words]
Imagine, if you will, a J-squared version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I didn't write that. I only wrote the epilogue. Title from said movie.

Founded It Upon The Seas
[NC-17 / First time / 4,200 words]
Every love story has a beginning. Even theirs.

[ J2 CSI Universe ]

Banner by [livejournal.com profile] ala_tariel

A crossover with CSI: Las Vegas. Jensen is a C.S.I. in Las Vegas, where he meets Jared, an actor, during a particularly trying case. The series takes a closer look at their lives and how they fit together despite their hectic and dangerous lives. Stories listed in order they should be read.

1. Corpus Delicti [The Facts of a Crime]
[NC-17 / First-time / 7,000 words]
He has no idea how to say it, how to tell Jared that he is what Jensen needs. Jared can be what saves Jensen from sharing Grissom's fate.

2. Evidence In Context
[NC-17 / 6,000 words]
He doesn't know why Jared avoids the subject but Jensen is terrified. It's his job to read into what people are really saying, can't stand the thought that Jared might lie to him and he'd know it.

3. Cross The Tape; Go The Distance
[NC-17 / Violence / 10,300 words]
Jensen can feel how much Jared needs this, needs to be controlling it. It's a way to show Jensen how much he'd been missed, what the separation meant. Words could only go so far, not always Jared's specialty. The actions speak volumes to Jensen, and for a man who professionally dissects conversations, he's reading Jared's silence like a book.

4. I Offer You The Lean Streets
[NC-17 / Angst / 5,000 words]
When things threaten to come crashing down, Jensen does what he does best – avoids it.

5. I Offer You Explanations of Yourself
[NC-17 / Angst, Implied Violence / 15,000 words]
There's almost nothing in the world Jared Padalecki wants more than a life with Jensen. But now that he's walked away from his boyfriend, angry and afraid, he's no longer sure what their future holds. Jared knows they're meant to be together, but with a killer on the loose and his relationship in pieces, does it even matter?


7. Back To Default
Removed temporarily until the series is complete.

8. It's The Badge, Isn't It?
Removed temporarily until the series is complete.

[ Other Pairings ]

Days Yet to Come | AO3
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins (implied)
[PG / High School!AU / 2,200 words]
Written for [livejournal.com profile] spnspringfling.
A bonfire on a late spring night. A home-coming. A future.

I'm the stain on your shirt | AO3
Misha Collins/Jensen Ackles
[NC-17 / 2,600 words]
Kinks: Underage (Jensen is 16). Teacher/student. Dub-con. Spanking. Object Penetration. Barebacking.
From a prompt on the [livejournal.com profile] spnkink_meme: Misha, a teacher, discovers sixteen year-old Jensen drinking on school property late one night and decides to teach him a lesson.

Pisces' Boys
Jensen Ackles/George Eads

[R / PWP / 1,700 words]
Written to celebrate Jensen and George's birthday, March 1. Body shot, jealousy and semi-public handjobs.

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