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  • Jun. 29th, 2010 at 2:22 PM
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Fic title: Bells Pond
Author name: [ profile] kelleigh
Artist name: [ profile] alteredloc
Genre: Supernatural/Wincest
Pairings: Sam/Dean. Sam/OMC [implied].
Rating: NC17
Estimated word count: 53,000
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers thru 5x15 [Dead Mean Don't Wear Plaid]

Summary: Not long after his run-in with Famine, Dean breaks down and prays for help. It's not God who answers. Michael appears before him and instantly changes everything Dean thought he knew about the Apocalypse.

A few days later, Sam wakes up alone in Bells Pond, Nebraska -- a far cry from the drab motel room in Tennessee where he fell asleep. Without Dean, Sam explores his desolate surroundings and discovers that the town lies in ruins thanks to a demonic event. It becomes clear that Sam's not as alone as he thought, nor can he escape from his strange prison. He fights against the power holding him there, afraid every day that Lucifer will hunt him down and force him to say yes. The Apocalypse continues to rage outside of his isolated world and Sam fears for his brother's life. As time drags on, and as Lucifer takes Sam to ever more seductive places in his dreams, Sam realizes that the people of Bells Pond may provide the key to everything he's been searching for but never thought he'd find. And waiting in the future is an unforeseen miracle, if Sam can last that long.

Written for the 2010 [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang.

Link to art: [ profile] alteredloc's art master post.

the beginning; part one | the beginning; part two
year one | year two | year three | year four | year five | year six

bells pond soundtrack.

single file .pdf download
includes the majority of the story's art.


I'd like to extend my deepest apologies to the residents of Nebraska. I'm sure y'all are lovely people. To make this fic, I procured a very large glass and added the following ingredients: one part Supernatural, one part Castaway, one part Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, two parts refined insanity, and enough tequila to give it some bite. Shake and pour over psychotically, irrationally, and erotically co-dependent brothers. Serve with ice.


This story would not have been possible without [ profile] joans23. Her help, support, rationality, and friendship kept me going when I thought time was against me. We have a very special [and dysfunctional] relationship with Big Bangs. I am totally on board with writing RPS next year, m'dear. ♥

Of course, to [ profile] alteredloc who rocked as an artist, producing a portfolio's worth of art for my little story and bringing so much enthusiasm to the process even though she had mono! I had so much fun acting as your art beta throughout this whole month, and I can honestly say some of your pieces inspired bits of this story. The snow-globe, finding the perfect picture of Sam, sneaking the Wanderer into your collages, and your DINER SIGN -- I could not be more thrilled with all the work you put into this, I'm freakin' giddy that we prevailed!

To my betas who stepped in nearly at the last minute and never shirked away. [ profile] andreth47, who let nothing get through her net and remained calm even after I told her that yes, the story was due in two days. And [ profile] auroraprimavera who helped so much with her enthusiasm up to the eleventh hour. Both caught some of the craziest foibles that would have made this story sound ridiculous if they hadn't been seen. Thank you both SO much.

To the Big Bang mods who made this challenge possible, thanks for all your hard work!

no thanks.

To the World Cup, which dragged me away from this story and woke me up really early in the morning. In the future, I will remember to factor in International sporting events before asking for my posting date. VIVA NETHERLANDS! VIVA GERMANY!

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