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title. False Pretenses
pairing. Demon!Dean/Sam (Stanford Era)
rating. NC17
words. 1553
warnings. College!Sam. Demon!Dean. Mark of Cain. Face-fucking. Blowjob. Spanking. Rough sex. Age difference.

prompt. Sam meet Dean at Stanford, but this Dean looks older and he finally give Sam what he wants, fucking him into the mattress senselessly. Original Prompt & Thread.

notes. One of my fills written for [ profile] spn_masquerade, because the world OBVIOUSLY needs more Demon!Dean and this was too good to pass up. Also posted on AO3.

Sam narrowly avoids gagging on his own saliva. )
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So I managed to write one fill for this year's round at [ profile] spn_masquerade, and it was for a kink I'm 100% happy to own up to and claim :-P As a side note, it feels good to be writing again!

Jared/Jensen. NC17. 3400 words. Semi-AU (in that they are still SPN actors).
Handjobs. Dirty Talk. Hand!Kink. Massage. Come-eating.
Written for the following prompt: Jensen has been sore ever since filming the big Cain fight scene, and Jared finally talks him into getting a massage. Jensen isn't thrilled with the idea, but agrees to go, partly to get Jared off his back and partly hoping it might actually help. Jensen arrives for the appointment and is shown to the room. He strips and lays face down under the sheet on the table. The masseuse comes in and starts working, never speaking a word. The massage is actually awesome, but Jensen can't figure out why he's starting to feel more and more aroused...that doesn't usually happen to him from these things. When the masseuse starts getting a little to close to the goods, however, he realizes that something's up...besides him, that is. Turns out Jared has secretly been taking massage therapy lessons, and is putting his new skills to good use.

No spoilers really, given that I never even watched the episode with Cain. References to it are super vague, I promise. We're all just in it for the massage anyway!

Link to Thread.

He's ready for you. )

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Thanks to the gang on Twitter for all the last-minute encouragement, as this was posted just a few hours before the moving deadline.

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