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Jensen/Jared [established]. Jensen/Jared/Misha. NC17.
You should lose a different type of virginity every day. Tonight, it's Jared's turn.

Written for [ profile] dugindeep's prompt of beggars can't be choosers for this round of [ profile] salt_burn_porn.

Who's the lucky lady tonight? )

[Springfling Fic] Days Yet to Come | PG | J2M

  • Jun. 23rd, 2012 at 11:23 AM
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Jared/Jensen + Misha. PG. High School AU. Underage Drinking.
Written for [ profile] riyku for this year's [ profile] spnspringfling challenge. This entire idea just made me smile ♥ Originally posted here.

I promise. I’m not taking you to a ritual killing. )
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Jensen/Jared. High School!AU (both characters 18+). NC17. 3400 words.

In a week, Jared and Jensen will be forced to survive a short-to-middle distance relationship. Jared keeps getting lost in nostalgia, but Jensen's pretty sure he can think of better ways to spend their last nights together. Written for [ profile] salt_burn_porn and the prompt campfire stories.

The few times Jensen's taken it too far—throwing out one too many excerpts from porn scripts—Jared isn't afraid to start laughing and ask when Jensen's next DVD hits shelves. )
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Eliot Spencer/Chad Michael Murray.
Hard-R. 2600 words. Unbetaed.
Set in s4 of Leverage, but no plot spoilers.
summary. The hitter and the chef. Eliot's glare has been known to send even the stoutest corporate enforcers to their knees in surrender, but Chef Chad Michael Fucking Murray just grins, lopsided, in the wake of Eliot's stare, swooping up to land a kiss on the bump of Eliot's chin.

I fully intend to blame someone for this, I just haven't decided who. For now, we'll say it's [ profile] anyothergirl415's fault. Actually, I take that back. It's TOTALLY HER FAULT.

Eliot brings the sharp blade down one last time, and smiles. )

[Fic] After Hours | J2 | PG13

  • Aug. 11th, 2011 at 9:41 AM
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Jared/Jensen. PG-13. 4000 words.
We danced out there on that empty hardwood floor. The chairs were up and the lights turned way down low. The music played, we held each other close, and we danced.

Inspired by Brad Paisley’s "We Danced." Apparently country music ~does things to my writer’s brain. Dedicated to [ profile] joans23.

Sorry, we're closed. )
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Jared/Jensen. NC17. Royalty!AU. 3200 words.
Few things in the Midlands will entice Jensen out of his warm bed in the morning, but an ingenious and devious servant may have just uncovered a fool-proof plan to rouse his King.

I have little to say about this besides the fact that I wanted it. Hot, tender, and steamy—I needed it in my life! Plus, [ profile] neros_violin told me to work myself out of my post-BB rut by writing dirty porn, but I think she had something WAY dirtier in mind than this. At best, this could be sexy and something you'll enjoy! At worst, it's self-indulgent romance. :D

Perhaps if he awoke to a sight such as this every morning, Jensen would not be such a grumpy king. )

Bonus points if you can tell me what (or rather, whose!) universe this is set in!

[Fic] Cash or Check? | R | Jared/Jensen

  • Mar. 15th, 2011 at 5:54 PM
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Jared/Jensen. R [for language and sexual innuendos]. 3400 words.
Jared and Jensen are selling an act, but Jared's not supposed to be the one buying into it.

Written during [ profile] transfixeddream's SPN/J2 Sex Industry Meme, for the prompt Jared has never thought about renting an escort, but when his new boss shows a bit too much interest, he decides he'll need a "boyfriend" for the company Halloween party.

Seriously, just act normal. I thought you were a pro. )
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Misha Collins/Jensen Ackles. NC-17. 2600 words of porn, and almost nothing but.
Warnings: underage (Jensen is 16). Teacher/student dubiously consensual relationship. Spanking. Object Penetration. Barebacking.
From a prompt on the [ profile] spnkink_meme: Misha, a teacher, discovers sixteen year-old Jensen drinking on school property late one night and decides to teach him a lesson. All kinks were included in the original prompt *facepalm*

Why I picked this prompt is still a mystery to me. Beta, you ask? WHO WOULD WANT TO BETA THIS? No one, that's who.

Things change. It's one of Misha's many accepted life philosophies. )

anonymous comments are enabled.
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Jared/Jensen. NC17. 2,200 words.
Written for [ profile] blindfold_spn and originally posted here. Kinks include strippers, exhibitionism, dirty talk, size!kink, and manhandling. Or, all of the fun stuff! I love stripper!fic when it's upbeat and not angsty, so this was a perfect match for me. TOTAL happy ending all around :)
Jensen's seduced by a stripper at his buddy's bachelor party. Trouble is, he's been trying to hide the fact that he's gay from his friends, but there's no holding back now. So much for secrets.

Jensen has obviously gone insane. )

Impersonal | Dean/Sam | NC17

  • Jan. 27th, 2011 at 12:25 PM
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Dean/Sam. NC17. Spoilers up to 6x11.
Before Dean commences his 24 hours as Death, he needs to make sure Sam wants his soul back. Yeah, that goes well.
warnings. Guys being dicks. Slightly dub-con as no one clearly knows what they want. First-time wincest.

My [ profile] salt_burn_porn prompt was I wanna hurry home to you, put on a slow dumb show for you & crack you up which I finally translated into Dean on a mission to crack Sam's emotionless facade...

Dean sees red. )
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NC17. Jared/Jensen. For the [ profile] blindfold_spn prompt: Jensen's a really bossy bottom, but Jared gets off on it just as much as Jensen does. Well, sometimes he doesn't get off per se, because Jensen won't let him and originally filled here. Dom!Bottom!Jensen, Orgasm denial, and dirty talk :)

I almost named this, I just twittered to say 'I'm horny' but that would have been way too obvious!

Begging is only part of the reason Jensen loves this so much... )

Mini Fic: Blanket Coverage | j2 | pg

  • Dec. 8th, 2010 at 1:01 PM
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Blanket Coverage
J2. 794 words. PG for cuddles.
This is mostly about Jared and Jensen, but [ profile] matalinolukaret started a 'verse where Tom Brady and Jared Padalecki are cousins. (It's the hair!) We were talking about Tom's hair after MNF this week, and how similar it was to Jared's these days, so I wrote this for her based on our conversation. Forgive the altering of the Pats' end-of-the-year schedule.

After Monday Night Football, Jared stays awake to catch Sportscenter. )
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Jensen loves every part of Jared.
NC17. 1500 words.
Warning: Light fetish.

As I told [ profile] nola_rue (and Happy Belated Birthday!), I usually favor Jensen over Jared, so I wanted to write something that focused entirely on Jared's body. So, I picked two inspiring pieces of his anatomy (not the ones you might think), and went from there! Those sweaty con pictures definitely helped this one along. Titled specifically for [ profile] dugindeep...anyone remember the classic I Just Twittered to say 'I Love You?'

He could bend his lips around it every hour of the day—taste Jared in ways only a lover could—or fall worshipfully to his knees just for a glimpse. )
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Or, in which Tony wears that gun holster home and Tim has something to say about it.
Tim/Tony. NC17.
HERE @ [ profile] strokemyplumage.

I went out and bought the S7 dvds, watched one episode, and this happened. I guess I really did miss our guys. Also, I know Tony's holster is more nylon, but just imagine Tim gave him a leather one for Christmas and had ulterior motives. Thanks to [ profile] juice817 for the beta ♥ 1900 words.

"And now you're thinking about sex."

"I—yeah." Freaky. "But, in my defense, when am I not thinking about sex?"

Also, it's PORN FRIDAY! \O/
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IT'S [ profile] dugindeep'S BIRTHDAY, PEOPLE. I suck at buying gifts, so here's some porn!

Jensen/Jared. NC17.
3100 words.
Written on the auspicious occasion of [ profile] dugindeep's birthday. Also fills a prompt from [ profile] spnkink_meme: Jared has an exhibitionism streak a mile wide. Jensen gets off on watching other men drool over his gorgeously naked boyfriend. Stripper!Jared and Club Owner!Jensen. Word to your mother, these are not the same strippers as in The way you move ain't fair, you know. Unbeta'ed, but thanks to [ profile] annabeth for giving it a thumbs up!

They look. They always look and Jensen has to let them. To their leisure, men's eyes saturated with liquor and lust as they watch the dancers flaunt themselves throughout Jensen's club. )

[Fic] It's not a lack of personality (j2)

  • Jun. 3rd, 2010 at 3:38 PM
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Jared/Jensen. R. AU.
2100 words.
Written for a [ profile] spnkink_meme prompt that boiled down to: Shy!Jensen, New Neighbor!Jared. Jensen wishes that he could could talk to Jared, but all Jensen can do when he bumps into Jared is stammer and blush. Dedicated to [ profile] aldehyde because she's going to hate it. ♥ This is an edited & expanded version of what I originally posted on the kink meme.

Up until Jared Padalecki moved into the one-story rental next door, Jensen had never considered his shyness to be a problem. )
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Jared/Jensen [pre-slashiness]. AU.
R. 5,600 words.
The incredibly gay and erotic adventures of Jenny Boy and Jay Ryder. Also known as the Stripper!AU that wouldn't leave me alone. Thanks to [ profile] dugindeep, [ profile] matalinolukaret, and [ profile] aldehyde for the cracky Twitter shenanigans this was born of.

Jensen doesn't share the spotlight. The spotlight is his sun: under it, he shines, and no one else is allowed to cast shadows. )

[Fic] Come Stay (Sam/Dean)

  • Apr. 11th, 2010 at 11:33 AM
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Sam/Dean. Future Fic.
R. 2,600 words.
Dean always thought they had to settle in order to settle down.
Completely self indulgent after 5x17. I don't necessarily see this as being set in the same universe as Don't Let it Ride You, but I suppose you could see it that way. No spoilers for unaired episodes. Thanks to [ profile] dugindeep for the beta!

In those forgotten miles between Charleston and Myrtle Beach where life takes a step back—ten years or so—things are infinitely more quiet. And in the end, that's all Sam and Dean want. Quiet. )
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rating. NC17
pairing. Dean/Sam
warnings. Rough sex. Future fic.
summary. With Dean, the only way is the hard way.
words. 2100
prompt. Popcorn and beer, from [ profile] rhythmsextion, for this round of [ profile] salt_burn_porn.

Sam wants Dean to ask, wishes he'd shout and demand until Sam gave up exactly what he wanted, but Dean's no more of a sharer after the apocalypse than he was before. With Dean, the only way is the hard way. )

[Fic] That's Not Our Song (J2)

  • Mar. 12th, 2010 at 4:28 PM
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Two Become One That's not our song.
Jared/Jensen. High School AU.
R. 2900 words.
In which Jensen wears eyeliner, and Jared may be the Spice Girls' #1 Fan.
Yes, this is the goth!Jensen, Pop Princess!Jared fic. Further proof that one should never stay up late on Twitter with [ profile] aldehyde, [ profile] dugindeep, [ profile] twofourteen, [ profile] earthquakedream, and [ profile] chez_amanda. Thanks to [ profile] dugindeep for the beta!

They sat at the same table in Mrs. McCarthy's advanced art class. Jensen figured he was going to go blind from Jared's pink polo shirt, but his jeans were tight across his hips and, well, that hadn't been so bad to look at. )

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