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I'm always thrown for a loop when I'm reminded of the fact that there's a large portion of the Supernatural fanbase who 1) doesn't know what slash fiction is (be it Sam/Dean or J2 or any other pairing) or 2) find it revolting.

I was reminded tonight by a comment thread on a photo posted by a Supernatural Facebook group that I follow (that has annoyed me in the past because the maintainers throw so many of their personal opinions and details out there) where a piece of fan-art was featured that could have been slashy. Beyond the fact that they didn't even bother to link to the original artist's page/DA account, there was a discussion where someone brought up the fact that the picture was slightly sexual. One of the mods explained that it could be slashy, whereas the other said: "Slash is only good to some people and it's something we've never promoted or let people post on this page. Personally, I hate it." Subsequent comments predictably contained users' disgust with the idea, especially when it came to Wincest (because, you know, that's obviously the only slash pairing possible on SPN, and ALL SLASH must be condemned because it's probably incest. JEEZ.)

[But of course, they'll promote (and create entire galleries for) the mods' own fic and banners.]

I guess it's good to be reminded that in this corner of fandom (possibly the best corner!), we're not judged by one another so harshly, and our love for SPN and the actors is just as genuine as anyone else's. And because we have something linking us together that goes beyond superficial enjoyment of a television show, we're probably one of the strongest corners, too.

So basically, THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME, Y'ALL. And YAY slashy boysex (and girl sex!) \o/

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