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Jensen/Jared. Jensen/Jared/Sam Winchester implied.
NC17. 3200 words.
References to prostitution. Holster!kink.
Jensen's relationship with Jared is suffering, but he finds that words aren't the best way to apologize. Takes place a month after Both Seen and Unseen in the Sugar Daddies 'Verse. Prior reading recommended.

Sorry about Dean, but I need time to explain about you and Jared. I’m okay, Jensen. I’ll call you guys when things are settled. )
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Jensen/Sam Winchester, Jared. Adult. 1700 words.
Early Stanford-era timeline (this is a J2AU in SPN canon).
They have their boy back in their arms, but Jensen's starting to wonder if these sporadic visits are enough for any of them. Sequel to Finding some soul in this town and I live on the right side; I sleep on the left. Beta by [ profile] dugindeep.

I'm taking time-stamp prompts over here and several people requested something in the Sugar Daddies storyline. I've had this continuation in my head for a while and since it's really the next piece of the story, I'm posting it on its own :) But go read or prompt in the other post, lots of good stuff ♥

Sam rolls over on the generously appointed bed in the equally impressive hotel suite. The down comforter billows around his hips and he groans in pleasure. )

[Fic] Finding Some Soul In This Town

  • Jan. 16th, 2010 at 5:36 PM
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pairing. Jared/Jensen/Sam Winchester
rating. So NC17, it hurts.
words. 5200. I KNOW, RIGHT?
warnings. Underage Sam (16). Threesome.
genre. This is an RPS AU set in SPN - Jared and Jensen are NOT actors, but Sam Winchester is a hunter.
summary. Let's call this the Sugar Daddy 'Verse, just for fun. :) [ profile] matalinolukaret and [ profile] earthquakedream requested a prequel to I live on the right side; I sleep on the left in which a 16 year old Sam Winchester meets Jared and Jensen, circumstances forcing him to the streets to earn money. That's the basic summary, and the rest is porn although some plot snuck in when I wasn't looking! This takes place two years before I live on the right side, and knowledge of that story is not necessary.
n.b. Thanks to [ profile] annabeth_fics for the beta!

Jensen can tell the boy is tall even with his frame folded against the building, limbs stretched just this side of gangly, but what Jensen can see of his shadowed face is beautiful. Notices that his hands are clenched in the pockets of his hooded sweatshirt and his sharp eyes never waver from Jensen. That stare is hungry, a little desperate, and Jensen feels the sharp, unpleasant realization of just what the boy is doing out here. )
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I live on the right side; I sleep on the left.
[Or...In Which Sam Winchester Has Sugar Daddies]
Jared/Jensen/Sam Winchester
3,800 words.
Warnings: Young!Sam [18] and references to underage!Sam [16]. Threesome. Use of a dildo.

Super fast and very encouraging beta by [ profile] nocturniquette1 - thank you!

The young man's appeal had never been rooted in his age for Jensen and Jared. Not even his physical appearance held sole sway. Sam's spirit - the whole much greater than the sum of his parts - is the true enticement. )

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