It is already mid-March?

  • Mar. 18th, 2011 at 11:11 AM
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I had a Big Bang filter in the past but hardly used it, and I don't plan on recreating it, so if me talking about BB is something you're not interested in (it doesn't happen all that often), feel free to scroooooooooll.

I'm currently waffling between two ideas for my Big Bang. Because I have so much going on and not all the time in the world to write, I thought it would be a good idea to jump back into the veteran!Jared/businessman!Jared story that I already have 10K on (most of which was written last year). It needs to be dusted off and requires some serious brainstorming to move the story forward, but having 10K already would be huge, you know? The vague plot of that one goes something like this (so far): Jensen's got a good life--a steady job with a PR firm and enough of a social life to keep him satisfied. Jared is the new security guard--and an Iraqi combat veteran--in their building and after first wondering if Jared talks to anyone at all, the two start up a friendship that quickly turns to mutual flirting. Both have reasons to take the next step, as well as quite a few reasons not to. Attraction wins out, but those reasons haven't disappeared completely and the story goes on to explore the effect those issues have on their relationship.

But then, pulling out an older story isn't AS exciting as starting something new, and I had this idea a while ago to write another kind of J2 AU involving Las Vegas, a road-trip, and a coma. Yes, you read that right. COMA!FIC. It's absurd, and it's based on the plot of one episode of the old show Las Vegas (which was one of my favorites), but I thought it could make an interesting story if the plot was expanded to cover a lot more time. Anyway, I put that idea to the side, concentrating on the veteran!Jared story, but in the last couple days I can't stop thinking about it, even going so far as to write out the first few paragraphs and outline a good portion of the story, which encompasses ten years! Sheesh.

Anyway, no idea which I'm going to stick with, if either. May 1 doesn't seem all that far away, and I know I'll be away from the computer for at least two weeks between now and then... I guess we'll have to see!

Bullet-points of my life recently coming soon :-)

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