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Take a long, hard look through your textbook, 'cause I'm History.

Something happened on the way to heaven.

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b movies, banana flavored condoms, battlestar galactica, black hawk down, bromance, calling chris larabee cowboy, charleston, chris larabee, cowboy up, cowboys who ♥ trackers, danny taylor, danny/martin, dick tracy, emotion lotion, enrique murciano, eric close, forensics, hoot/todd, hootsquee, horatio caine, j2, jared padalecki, jared/jensen, jax/tara, jensen ackles, lawyer!jared, library of moria, lord of the rings, luke skywalker in leather, magnificent seven, martin fitzgerald, martin's ties, mcgee and dinozzo's epic-love, men kissing men, mexican breakfast, michael wiseman's engineered man-parts, ncis, new england patriots, oded fehr, peter pan, pi beta phi, pretty fbi boys, red sox, shameless promotion, slash, songs about africa, sons of anarchy, spreading the j2 ♥, star wars, starbuck/apollo, suit!kinks, supernatural, svu marathons with malory, swimming, the eliot stabler drinking-game, the epic love, the magnificent seven, tim mcgee, tinker bell, tolkien, tom brady, tony dinozzo, vin tanner, washington university, water polo, when jensen gets toppy, white rats, without a trace
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