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Birthdate:Jan 11
Location:United States of America

This journal is for Supernatural and J2 fan-fiction, all of which will be posted publicly,
and other fandom-related activities [icons, reviews, recs, and more].
My friends-only, personal journal is now located at ALUMINUMWINGS.

Layout base by MILOU VERONICA | altered by me.
J2 profile image made for me by DAUNTDRAWS. Please do not use.

GOODREADS and other archive sites are a huge NO. Please do not archive my stories on ANY outside site.
Translations are also a NO unless they're being posted on LJ or AO3 with full credit, and even then I insist on receiving a link to the story and full, explicit credit.

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b movies, banana flavored condoms, battlestar galactica, black hawk down, bromance, calling chris larabee cowboy, charleston, chris larabee, cowboy up, cowboys who ♥ trackers, danny taylor, danny/martin, dick tracy, dinozzo-isms, emotion lotion, enrique murciano, eric close, forensics, hoot/todd, hootsquee, horatio caine, j2, jared padalecki, jared/jensen, jax/tara, jensen ackles, lawyer!jared, library of moria, lord of the rings, luke skywalker in leather, magnificent seven, martin fitzgerald, martin's ties, mcgee and dinozzo's epic-love, men kissing men, mexican breakfast, michael wiseman's engineered man-parts, ncis, new england patriots, oded fehr, peter pan, pi beta phi, pretty fbi boys, red sox, shameless promotion, slash, smith&wesson kink cult, songs about africa, sons of anarchy, spreading the j2 ♥, star wars, starbuck/apollo, suit!kink, suit!kinks, supernatural, svu marathons with malory, swimming, the eliot stabler drinking-game, the epic love, the magnificent seven, tim mcgee, timothy mcgee's many nicknames, tinker bell, tolkien, tom brady, tony calling tim 'probie', tony dinozzo, vin tanner, washington university, water polo, when dean's a toppy-bastard, when jensen gets toppy, white rats, without a trace, ♥ martin fitzgerald ♥
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