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[ Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski ]

AO3: Jitters
Explicit. AU [werewolves are known]. 6,800 words.
Arranged Marriage. Bonding. Beta!Derek. McCall Pack.
The wedding was Peter’s idea: a way to unite two packs, not to mention curry favor with another Alpha. Laura found her mate before she became the Hale Alpha, Cora is too young to be matched, and Peter obviously would never inconvenience himself in such a way. That left Derek.

The night before the wedding, Derek's a nervous wreck. He's alone in his hotel suite, thinking about bolting and leaving Peter and Laura to pick up the pieces, when room service knocks on his door with a very special delivery...

Incidence and Reflection 'Verse

AO3: Incidence and Reflection
Explicit. AU. 9,500 words.
McCall Pack. Alpha!Derek. BAMF!Stiles.
Derek came to the roadhouse looking for information and an uneventful night. He gets Stiles instead.
notes. This takes place in a canon-divergent AU in which Scott was still bitten by a rogue Alpha, and Derek lost his family (as well as built his own pack), but they've never met. Season 1&2 events have still happened (ergo, spoilers?), but to Scott and Derek separately. So Derek and Stiles have never met before. This is not an underage story. Stiles is 19, and Derek is who the fuck knows.

AO3: Untamed Still
Explicit. AU. 12,000 words.
McCall Pack. Hale Pack. Alpha!Derek. BAMF!Stiles. SPN AU Crossover.
Stiles calls when Derek least expects him to. After three weeks, Derek was beginning to wonder if he’d ever see the kid again. That's one problem down, now it’s just a matter of figuring out what Stiles is, why Derek missed him so much, and why Derek can’t stop thinking about the bruises Stiles left on his skin…

Other Teen Wolf Pairings

AO3: One Point for Team Human
Teen. Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski. Season 3. 2,300 words.
Stiles knew he’d end up here eventually, but the whole 'emotional recovery from extreme trauma' thing didn't leave him with much free time.
notes. Written for Teen Wolf Spring Break for the prompts sanctuary and Peter/Stiles.

[ Avengers Slash Fiction ]

Resting Rate | AO3
Phil Coulson/Clint Barton
[NC17 / Fix-it Fic / Post-Avengers / 7,700 words]
Sixteen days after the Avengers save New York City, Phil Coulson wakes up.

Conquer the Bridge | AO3
Phil Coulson/Clint Barton
[NC17 / Post-Thor, Pre-Avengers / 6,500 words]
Coulson never said he was dating a cellist. Clint's the first one to discover his secret.

[ NCIS: Tim McGee/Tony DiNozzo ]

Thumb in my Holster | AO3
[NC-17 / Leather!kink, Holster!kink / 1,900 words]
Or, in which Tony wears his gun holster home and Tim has something to say about it.

A Certain Kind of Delinquent | AO3
[NC-17 / Drug Use? / First time / 1,200 words]
Written for the NCIS Kink Meme for the prompt "Tony turning McGee on by being particularly rebellious, eg. disobeying Gibbs' orders, doing something mildly illegal..."

Change of Place | AO3
[NC-17 / Established Relationship / 2,000 words]
Tony gets the hots for demanding!Tim, and the results are a little unexpected.


The Thursday Night Job | AO3
Eliot Spencer/Chad Michael Murray
[R / Season Four / 2,600 words]
The hitter and the chef. Eliot's glare has been known to send even the stoutest corporate enforcers to their knees in surrender, but Chef Chad Michael Fucking Murray just grins, lopsided, in the wake of Eliot's stare, swooping up to land a kiss on the bump of Eliot's chin.

[ Without A Trace ]

Untitled [Danny/Martin]
[PG / No Warnings / 500 words]
Drabble for [ profile] joans23. Panic Attacks. "Doesn't stop the team from assuming that one day, Martin Fitzgerald's just going to lose it."

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