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  • May. 11th, 2016 at 10:56 AM
kelleigh: (sn - [the boys] this road is heaven)
Well, you all know what this is about... [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang 2016! I had no idea what to write (well, maybe I had too many ideas but none of which could be fleshed out in the limited time I had), until I thought about setting another Sam/Dean story in Charleston. Mostly because in our road-tripping adventure, [ profile] dugindeep, [ profile] cherie_morte and I came upon old church ruins/cemetery filled with the graves of Campbells. Um, hello?! And since I wrote a pre-series story like that yeeeeeeeeears ago, I figured, hey! Why not a sequel set fifteen years later?

Cri de Cœur [The Heart's Cry]

Sequel to Don't Let it Ride You.

Fighting God’s sister took its toll on the Winchesters. Dean and Sam could use a break, but a new case drops into their laps when they receive a message sent to the Men of Letters using a strange code. The name Campbell makes it impossible for them to refuse. The hunt takes the Winchesters back to Charleston, South Carolina, a city they haven’t been through in over fifteen years. It plunges them into the obscure and bloody history of a plantation house where ghost sightings and a consuming madness (that’s somehow connected to the hideous yellow wallpaper in the house’s nursery) mean the clock is ticking.

The case requires the help of the last Campbell ancestor in the South, the testimony of a powerless ghost, the social media of the plantation's latest victim, and the expertise of a handsome young historian, Sam and Dean need to uncover the truth behind the haunting before it claims another innocent victim. Based on the short story, The Yellow Wallpaper.

Teaming up with [ profile] stormbrite for this one!

Kind of exciting to write a current case-fic, albeit one set after Season 11.

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