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  • Aug. 19th, 2014 at 8:18 PM
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Lo and behold! A fic post! I've been working on this Sterek porny fic for a while since my time has been so limited. But now that my anxiety is under control, my goal was to finish and post this ASAP. So, enjoy!

Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale. AU. NC17.
6,800 words. Porn with feelings :-)

The wedding was Peter’s idea: a way to unite two packs, not to mention curry favor with another Alpha. Laura found her mate before she became the Hale Alpha, Cora is too young to be matched, and Peter obviously would never inconvenience himself in such a way. That left Derek.

The night before the wedding, Derek's a nervous wreck. He's alone in his hotel suite, thinking about bolting and leaving Peter and Laura to pick up the pieces, when room service knocks on his door with a very special delivery...

Read it on AO3...

Note. I don't see this as cheating/infidelity (and didn't tag it as such) because Derek has zero relationship, emotional or physical, with the guy he's supposed to marry. But if that still makes you uncomfortable, take this as your warning.

This fic was born out of a need to have as much bottom!Derek as possible :-P
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Stiles Stilinski/Peter Hale. [Mild] Adult. 2300 words.
My contribution to the first Teen Wolf Spring Break Challenge [like SPN Spring Fling :P]. Written for the prompt sanctuary. I've never written Peter Hale before, but it's so much fun because he's all sex, snark, and deep v-necks. Season 3B spoilers.

Stiles sinks into the extravagant couch and waits for Peter to ask why he’s here. He knew he’d end up here eventually, but the whole emotional recovery from extreme trauma thing didn’t leave him with much free time. And he loves Scott, his friends, his dad, but they’ve been hovering. The reinforcement was great for a while but he needed something else. That something came to Stiles this morning while he was brushing his teeth.

Peter Hale.

Link to AO3: One Point for Team Human

Couldn't resist...
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I know, I know. It's been FORever. So, HI. Rough couple of days on my end. Getting dumped fucking blows.

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski. NC17. Canon-divergent AU. 12000 words.
Sequel to INCIDENCE AND REFLECTION. Reading that first is recommended.
Alpha!Derek, Alpha!Scott, Human!Stiles. Cameos by Alpha!Sam Winchester and Beta!Dean Winchester.
Stiles calls when Derek least expects him to. After three weeks, Derek was beginning to wonder if he’d ever see the kid again. That's one problem down, now it’s just a matter of figuring out what Stiles is, why Derek missed him so much, and why Derek can’t stop thinking about the bruises Stiles left on his skin….

notes. This takes place in a canon-divergent AU in which Scott was still bitten by a rogue Alpha, and Derek lost his family (as well as built his own pack). Season 1&2 events have still happened (ergo, spoilers?), but to Scott and Derek separately. Sam and Dean have larger roles in this story, enough to qualify this as somewhat of an SPN AU :)

Derek’s exhausted. He’s spent three weeks locked in a constant battle with his wolf. His feral side strains towards Beacon Hills, the home of McCall’s pack, but logic keeps Derek right where he is. McCall wouldn’t appreciate an invasion, and Stiles…well, Derek has no idea what Stiles would do. Derek told Stiles that the relationship would exist on his terms, and he hasn’t pressed despite waking up every morning to a somber and bitter wolf, whining and desperate.

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I did it! I don't know whether to be ecstatic or terrified...

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski. NC17. Canon-divergent AU. 9500 words.
Mentions of pack characters [as well as a cameo by Dean Winchester]. Alpha!Derek, Alpha!Scott, Human!Stiles.
Derek came to the roadhouse looking for information and an uneventful night. He gets Stiles instead.

notes. This takes place in a canon-divergent AU in which Scott was still bitten by a rogue Alpha, and Derek lost his family (as well as built his own pack), but they've never met. Season 1&2 events have still happened (ergo, spoilers?), but to Scott and Derek separately. So Derek and Stiles have never met before. This is not an underage story. Stiles is 19, and Derek is who the fuck knows.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] akadougal for the beta!

Derek lets his senses take over. Beyond the barley and old leather smells of the roadhouse, beneath Dean’s store-brand aftershave and simmering aggression, Derek’s able to root out the anomalous scent. Across the room, the nimble stranger circles around to the front of the pool table, t-shirt fluttering around his lean middle. That’s when Derek catches it—a saccharine sweetness, slightly artificial but with a hint of sweat and cotton. As if the sugar is a part of him.


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