May. 29th, 2012

  • 9:06 PM
kelleigh: (marvel - [barton] eye in the sky)
Who's got two (sore and overworked) thumbs and just finished writing her first Avengers story?


Aw yeah, nearly 8,000 words of Clint/Coulson yumminess. :)

Apr. 26th, 2011

  • 11:53 AM
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I'm bored and I've reached my limits on Big Bang revisions and additions for today. Plus, I have no interest in engaging with work this afternoon.

Prompt me with something timestampy! I reserve the right to comment back with "you're nuts!" if you request something really whacky, as well as the right to ignore you if you prompt me with something CSI related ;)

Otherwise, pick a story and leave a prompt!

Daily Special from the Waiter!Jared story | for [ profile] matalinolukaret
Birthday Treat from "Cash or Check" | for [ profile] dugindeep
Meet the Ackles from "Measurable Means" | for [ profile] princesslanie
One Simple Feeling from "Cause of Depth" | for [ profile] earthquakedream
Both Seen and Unseen in the Sugar Daddy Verse | for [ profile] big_heart_june
My Prince five years after "Upon and By the Grace of God" | for [ profile] wendy and [ profile] santacarlagypsy

pay it forward.

  • Oct. 3rd, 2010 at 3:01 PM
kelleigh: (sn - [j2] so fine it blows my mind)
To the first five people who comment to this post (or as many of you as I can get to!), I will gift you with something of my own crafting. It may be an icon, a manip, a drawing, a ficlet, or something completely random. You may love it or you may think it sucks, but regardless, it will be made with love for you from me. ;) Feel free to give me a hint of what you might like (ship, character, actor/actress, fandom, color, etc).

I can't manip or draw, but I can do random! Give me a couple ideas of what you might like ♥ and pay it forward if you can.

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